Ski & Snowboard School FAQ

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Ski & Snowboard School FAQ


What do I wear?

Let’s face it, winters can be extremely cold, and choosing the proper clothing can be the difference between fun or freezing on the mountain.  In planning for your upcoming trip to Mt. Brighton, here are the clothing items we recommend bringing to ensure you stay comfortable and warm during your day on the mountain.

- Helmet
- Waterproof Gloves
- Insulated Waterproof Jacket
- Base-layers

  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Fleece or sweatshirt
  • Long Underwear

- Waterproof Pants
- Ski Socks
- Face Mask
- Goggles or Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Ski Socks

  • Knee High
  • Wear only 1 pair

- For children 12 & Under

  • An extra change of clothes
    • Shirt, pants, underwear

What age can my child begin ski or snowboard lessons?

- At Mt. Brighton, we offer both skiing and snowboarding group lessons to children as young as 3 years old, and private lessons for children as young as 2. We only ask that your little one is able to go to the bathroom without assistance.  


Should my child ski or snowboard?

-When it comes to the debate of which is better – skiing or snowboarding - the only answer is that both are incredibly fun! We recommend talking with your child to figure out which they would prefer.


What can I expect for my child at Mt. Brighton Ski & Ride School?

- First and foremost, we are here to make sure your child has fun learning how to ski or snowboard! We believe having fun is the foundation to a successful Ski & Ride School experience. Our instructors provide a safe, energetic, engaging, and interactive lesson experience, utilizing the most cutting-edge instruction techniques to ensure that your child has the skills needed to navigate a ski hill with complete independence and confidence. We also aim to simplify your experience at Mt. Brighton, which is why our Ski School can assist with all your lift ticket, lesson, and rental needs all in one convenient location. At the end of your child’s lesson, we will provide you with a comprehensive report card, detailing your child’s progress while also providing recommendations for future ski school instruction.


Can I join my child to watch their lesson?

- While we understand how special it is to have a child skiing or snowboarding for the first time, we’ve found that children get the most out of their experience when they are able to interact with their instructors and peers, free from any outside influence. We recommend watching from the warmth and comfort of Ore Creek Mountain Grill with a nice hot chocolate in hand!


What type of skis or snowboard should I purchase?

- There are hundreds of ski and snowboard brands available, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. We recommend reaching out to your local ski shop professionals to determine what the right equipment would be for your specific needs.


When should I arrive for my lesson?

- If you plan to use your own equipment, we recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson. If you need to rent equipment, plan to arrive 45 – 60 minutes prior to your lesson so we can assist you with your rental needs.  


Do I need a lift ticket to be in a lesson?

- Yes, a lift ticket is required for all ski and snowboard lessons.